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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Proper Maintenance to save your Business Money in the Long Run

May 8, 2013



Most offices boast wall-to-wall carpeting, which has a number of benefits to the workspace. Reducing the noise that would be caused by heavy footsteps on wood, cement, or tile flooring helps minimize distractions throughout the day. But increased focus is not the only reason most offices prefer carpeting.


A well-maintained carpet will actually have positive impacts on your work force’s health. A carpet helps to collect and filter countless allergens, pollutants, and contaminants from the air around it. These contaminants can be as simple as dirt and grease, or as serious as asbestos, volatile compounds, or chemicals. While your carpet prevents these contaminants from lingering in the air or staining your floors, it’s important to remember that they remain underfoot.


Just like any filter, your carpets need to be regularly cleaned or replaced. Any office manager will tell you it’s much better to arrange a commercial carpet cleaning than to replace an office’s carpets. Of course, maintenance is always better than replacement, but most offices don’t factor just how much they can benefit from routine carpet maintenance.


Carpet cleaning in a commercial setting is not as simple as just running the vacuum at home. Because of the high traffic throughout the day, contaminants can build up much more quickly.  The variety of contaminants that can pass through an office, particularly a shared office building, also makes scheduling a commercial carpet cleaning company an essential part of your regular office activities.


While the health benefits of regularly having you carpets cleaned may be obvious, the life of the carpet benefits are also great. Not only will build up of the contaminants lead to increased difficulty in getting them clean, but the presence of certain contaminants can drastically increase the wear and abrasion of your carpets.


Commercial carpeting is particularly important to maintain because it is generally in massive pieces. Damage to one section may necessitate replacement of the whole. Fortunately, the demand for these services means you have a number of commercial carpet cleaning companies to choose from.


You shouldn’t compare them by commercial carpet cleaning rates alone, as many companies likely have additional services and specialties that may make them the ideal fit for your business. Enlisting a commercial carpet cleaning business really is an essential investment for your office space, not only in protecting the health of your work force, but also maintaining the aesthetic of your space and reducing the frequency of costly carpet replacement.


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