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Versatile Configurators for Effective Business Transactions

May 8, 2013

Lady doing business.

Configurators are powerful ecommerce web tools that enable business houses and customers to carry out online business transactions through streamlined automated process.

Sales configurators are software which enable salespeople to identify the specific needs of customers. The sales configurator software helps to create accurate client database and it can be customized based on specific requirements of the client. The sales configurators help both the business house and the customer to save time and cost during the business transaction. Now sales configurators are widely used by business houses for enhanced sales transactions.

Companies that sell products face constant challenges to provide accurate product information to customers. With the advent of product configurator, all required product information are made available to customers in an easily understandable format which guides them to create complete product configuration for the items they intend to purchase. Traditionally the companies have been providing all product information through printed catalogs or a static websites with instructions for configuration. But now the product configurator enables the presentation of accurate information to potential customers. The product configurator helps to avoid customer dissatisfaction about a product since every bit of information about the product is made available in advance. The product configurator is widely used by business concerns for product configuration.

Websites these days need to be loaded with all required information about products. For example if you are searching for a particular product online, you need to get a wide range of sites which offer similar product with price and specifications. This process is accomplished by an online configurator. Visiting websites for a product is similar to visiting different stores looking for a particular item. For an effective online transaction, the online configurator guides the customer through the sales process by navigating through various websites to see the products on offer.

The online configurator allows business houses to present customers with various product options. It helps to display items that come in various sizes, models, color, and prices so that the customer can make a wise decision to buy the required item. The online configurator enables the website owner to streamline the ordering process, and for the customer, the online configurator is helpful to identify the product and place order online. In order to obtain price quotation by customers, the companies have been traditionally using expensive bespoke software in the company’s webserver. But now more effective and affordable quoting software are available in the market, The quoting software can be customized and are user-friendly for better business transactions.

Configurators are tools that are widely used in ecommerce. There are customized configurators for every application such as quotes, sales, and products which enable business houses and customers to perform business transactions efficiently. The configurators are a boon for modern day ecommerce.


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