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Protecting your Package

May 9, 2013


With how busy life is on a daily basis it becomes important to take a breather every now and again and relax. A great way to find relaxation and peace in daily life is to find a hobby or leisure activities. For some this can be working in the garden, reading a book, or building little ships inside a bottle. Many people, however, find enjoyment in collecting antiques.

Why you yourself can feel just like Indiana Jones, browsing through piles of old books, broken lamps and slightly chewed playthings to find your ancient treasure. However, if the amount of dust that’s often associated with such places has you sneezing and wheezing, you might check the internet to see what you can find. This eliminates the hassle of the “rummaging” as your able to find exactly what it is your looking for.

Once you’ve found the antique in near mint condition you were looking for it’s time to make another decision, insurance. When you ship antiques through the mail it can become a risky situation. Let’s face it, no system is perfect, things can get lost, bent, smashed, or mangled when it comes to the mail. Parcel insurance will protect your investment even if the unfortunate should happen.

When it comes to shipping a package or having one shipped to you, it’s often asked if you’d like to purchase insurance on the package. This can come in three different forms. The first and least preferred is “Self Insurance” which means that if something happens to the package, you pay for it out of pocket. Perhaps not the best way to go about it. Especially if the antique your after is irreplaceable or it’s something of extreme value like trying to ship gold.

The second form would be using the post office shipping insurance. This is easy way to go as you can purchase the insurance while paying to have the parcel shipped. As a sender you can relax, knowing that your antique solider collection will arrive safely in it’s new home, and your buyer will receive the insured parcel post haste.

The third form of shipping insurance is often referred to as 3rd party shipping insurance. This type of insurance comes from someone other than the United States Postal Service and you. Many online shipping insurance providers can fall into this category. This offers the benefit of being able to shop around for prices, but may create additional steps if your insurance provider isn’t the same place where you get your postage.

Antiquing can be a fun and often profitable leisure activity to help you unwind from a stressful day. Don’t let the laws of Murphey and gravity detract from that, practice safe packaging and consider using shipping insurance. Otherwise the next package you pay for could be a really nice collection of antique glass shards.


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