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Sound Shipping Suggestions

May 9, 2013

Adorable post office.

It’s easy to forget just how much we use the postal service. Sending birthday cards and letters, mailing bills, as well as various other things that get sent to one place or another, are a few different reasons to visit the post office. Sometimes you might end up shipping something more expensive through the mail than a typical letter or envelope. While most things manage to make it through safely, this does not apply to all packages. It’s not unheard of for packages to arrive mushed, mangled or mutilated. To protect your precious parcel, purchasing US postal shipping insurance preempts possible permanent damages.

Shipping insurance with USPS is easy to buy and can be well worth the price for more costly items. More often than not, purchasing USPS shipping insurance is offered when paying to have bulkier items or packages shipped. Basically anything that you can’t slap a stamp on and drop it in the mail box falls in this category. Now, it’s simply becomes a matter of picking the USPS insurance rate that’s right for you. The rate itself depends on the value of the item your shipping and how far you’re sending it.

You can now borrow Grandpa Bill’s brilliant Britannicas from your brother Bob in Boise. Shipping sister Sherri succulent sweets south of the the Shenandoah? Simple. The best part about mailing mayhem is not having to worry about the potential mishaps that can occur from sending your belongings across the country.

However USPS doesn’t just ship domestically, despite its namesake. Can cousin Carol in Canada get the custom computer she covets, of course. Using USPS international shipping insurance is as easy as its domestic counterpart, just a matter of picking the appropriate rate for the package you’re sending. As for the USPS international insurance rates, they will also vary, depending on the value of the item and how far away the destination.

USPS international insurance or it’s domestic counterpart is a simple and easy way to send your mail safely, no matter where it’s going. Is nephew Nick, near New York, nagging nicely for new Nikes? Shipping shoes is no longer a nightmare. With the time you save from worrying about your package arriving in one piece, you can perfect your other talents and hobbies, such as searching sufficiently for succinct synonyms. Sound Good?


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