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How to Sell Your Beats

May 10, 2013



If you have musical talent and the drive to succeed in the music industry, then this is your time to shine.  The music industry may be difficult to break into, but for those who are tenacious and have the skill, there are a lot of opportunities to get paid for doing something you love.  You just have to find the leads and the best fit for you.


There are a lot of music producers out there selling beats.  One of the biggest challenges   catching someone’s attention that is willing to take a chance on you and your beats.  Producing results is important in every business, but especially important in the music business.  Most of the largest customers know where to buy beats, and that is the scene that you need to break into.

A lot of people know that the best means of reaching the largest number of potential customers is by selling beats online.  Marketing yourself to potential customers will eventually lead you to bigger opportunities.  If you consider every time a beat is used, there are large opportunities out there.  Whether you target radio, television shows, commercials, other musicians, or movies, beats are used in our everyday environments.

Those who are most successful can attribute their success to their music placements.  Once your beats are selected by larger, national customers, you can begin to use that as part of your resume.  Having tried and true beats and samples help to get people to listen to your beats, and then invest in them.

Once you have started paving your way to success then you can start to explore the option of licensing.  Once you learn how to license music, then you can begin making some real money.  Beats are bought and sold every day, and there is a lot of money out there for the use of your music.  Licensing protects your rights as the musician so that you get paid every time your beats are used.

There are a lot of options for you out there, you just have to remain determined to find those opportunities meant for you.  Whether you start off by giving away your beats until your name is out there, or you sell them online with a minimal cost, you have to become an industry name.  Once your beats are picked up, then it is important to become fluent in the language of licensing.  This is where you will begin making money on your talent.


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