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Installing Access Panels and Hatches

May 10, 2013


If you have built or purchased a home you know there are certain areas that you will want access to, but still want them out of the way and not visible day-to-day.  Whether you are looking to conceal wiring or switches, or need to access out of reach areas of your house, then you have to find a way to conceal these areas.

Whether you require roof hatches or metal access panels, they are fairly easy to install, but if done incorrectly then you will be welcoming a host of problems in the future.  Hiring someone to install the doors and hatches is a good idea if you are not completely confident in your abilities.  The type of access panel door that you will choose to install will vary based on the area and need. 

While access panels for drywall are the easiest to install, you still want to create a smooth and seamless appearance when the job is done.  As a do-it-yourselfer you could fairly quickly install an access panel in your own home, and in no time you can have access to wiring and ports. 

A more difficult task emerges the higher you go.  If you need to install a ceiling access panel then it becomes a little more complicated.  A ceiling panel allows you access to your ceiling.  Part of the job includes installing a ladder so that you can gain access into the panel whenever necessary. 

An even more difficult job is to install roof doors and hatches.  Because of the location and exposure to the elements, any mistakes made here could mean significant damage.  Leaks and roof damage are the start of the costly repairs that will emerge.  It would be for the best to hire a professional to handle jobs of this caliber. 

There are a lot of considerations and a lot of different types and uses of doors and hatches, so you will have to consider your needs.  For homes the options are fairly standard, but if your needs are for a commercial property, then the options are significantly greater.  It is important to know what you really need in order to do it right the first time.  If you are looking for employees to be able to reach the roof then your needs are much different than a bank that needs extra security.  

A professional installer will be able to provide you with the best guidance and recommendations.  Installation will be much smoother if handled by a professional.  You should also plan for all repairs to be handled by professionals as well.  Whether your work is for home or work, finding the right materials and providers will be key in your successful installation of panels, doors, and hatches.


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