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New Life at the Office

May 24, 2013

Ugh, your cubicle is terrible, your office is a joke, and you hate spending time there almost as much as people hate going there. Are you doomed to work forever in this soulless husk of an office, slowly whiling away what remains of your dull and pointless life in this gray box of emotionless nothing?

No! What, its all too easy to add color, life, and vigor to your otherwise horrific work day. It’s as easy as hopping online and finding great ways to produce your own custom-designed clothing and office supplies. This is a fantastic way to bring your personality to bear on your office, replacing the day-in day-out of your business life with a wacky new adventure!

It starts with your desk. Get yourself some custom-printed mouse pads, say, a few provocative pictures, some favorite film or music-related images, whatever floats your boat. Custom mouse pad printing is surprisingly affordable, even for high-quality jobs. You can move on to getting a promotional USB memory drive, something that everyone can see every time you jam it into their ports.

Then there’s your clothing, which is what people are going to notice the most. When you’ve got the right clothing on, everyone pays attention; when that clothing screaming messages at them, everyone pays even more attention to you. Which is the point, right? Right!

So start with promotional hats. A person’s examination of you starts with the head, and a custom vizor that hits them with whatever 2013-05-24_2010messages you want to get across is a great way to say “Hello!” without ever having to go through the trouble of an actual greeting. Custom-printed hats and vizors are a classic form of colorful, personality-driven clothing that will give you the reputation you deserve.

You can move on from there to get promotional shirts and ties, promotional wristbands, promotional jackets, even promotional tattoos if the mood takes you. The people who get inked up for promotions never regret it for a second, that’s for sure. Your entire office, meanwhile, can be covered in all kinds of custom-designed, custom-printed office supplies of your own make. Everyone will be impressed at the many waves of creativity unleashed by that special brain of yours!

Or, you could just keep your life the way it is, dull and gray and full of nothing, neither sound nor fury, neither substance nor meaning. Most people choose that route, but then, most people aren’t brave enough to cover themselves in custom-printed, promotional clothing. Are you?


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