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Promote Promotionals to a Prized Position in the Office

May 24, 2013

Your office is, in a word, bland. Boring. Heart-achingly mundane. What else can you do? You’ve thrown crazy parties only to have a few people show up, drink the drinks and eat the nachos, and then leave. You’ve sent several memos about having hip music piped in through the speakers, but they were all ignored in favor of the Corgi chain letters that make regular rounds through the interoffice email system. Even your attempt to get a casual Friday instituted was met with disdain; your co-workers, it seems, are immaculate professionals.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to liven up the office and to do so cheaply. You don’t have to buy new CDs, or spend your hard-earned cash on food and drinks, or even get a snappy outfit for Casual insert-day-of-week-here-day. Just call up a few local businesses and add a splash of color to your office with promotional office supplies.

What could be more exciting than promotional wall calendars? Why, big daddy promotional business calendars and their miniaturized little sisters, promotional pocket calendars. Imagine a little kitten telling you to hang in there not just on your cubicle wall, but also on your desk under your keyboard, and in your pocket whenever you go digging for loose change.

2013-05-24_2037Of course, wherever there are calendars, there must be promotional calendar magnets. How else are you going to inform anyone and everyone who enters the break room what month it currently is in a colorful and humorous fashion? A way that also informs them of the phone number for the nearest mani-pedi. Now that’s a month everyone can get behind. These dogs, as they say, are barking.

Speaking of the break room, have you ever noticed that all the best things about the office come from the break room? And by all the best things, I mean soda. Whatever your high fructose corn poison, soda is what keeps you alive and vaguely human-shaped as the work day grinds on, and what better way to honor your soda than promotional can coolers. That way, you can stays cold! Your soda, that is. Of course.

Promotional can koozies are, of course, a hallowed tradition for the cold soda enthusiast. Unfortunately, you can’t drink on the job, but with a sufficiently large koozie, nobody will know that’s a soda, and you can develop a reputation as the party animal of the office, willing to break rules for a good time. That, or everyone will believe you are an inveterate alcoholic who needs professional help. Either way, mission accomplished.


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