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Go Big or Go Home

May 27, 2013

In the grand old state of Texas bidding at the Dallas auctions is better than ever. Whether you are looking to buy or sell property, antiques, storage units, or livestock, there are auctions in Dallas to meet your needs. Auctions of varying forms have been around for centuries. The typical auction is the “English auction” in which the item being sold ascends in price based on the bids being placed, whoever is the highest bidder, wins the item.

Storage Wars

From the popularity of reality shows based around auctions of storage units, has blossomed a new market in Dallas. Auction of storage units was a common occurrence that has now turned into a bidding/treasure hunting craze. These auctions take place when the tenant of a storage unit fails to pay their rent for a particular period of time. As per their agreement with the storage unit company, once they have failed to pay, the contents of the unit become the property of the storage company and they are auctioned off as a lot. Treasure and curiosity seekers have taken to bidding on these units hoping to “win big,” and the thrill of the unknown – much like a Vegas casino – pushes the price of ordinary looking box filled units sky high at these auctions. Austin, TX to El Paso, San Antonio and back again, these auctions are everywhere.

Can I Sell…

 Just about anything you can think to buy or sell is available at an auction. Dallas auctioneers may specialize in a certain type of auction like antiques or collectibles, and if you have these items for sale it is good to know that you have an experienced auctioneer. The buyers and sellers of these auctions often get to know each other and the auction turns into a strange sort of get-together or social gathering between people with similar interests. A common example of this would be that of wine auctions. Houston to El Paso, statewide wine collectors would bring their bottles for auction, and give aficionados of the beverage the chance to collect and buy vintages unavailable in the standard retail market. Even governments and corporations use auctions when bidding on contracts or services. The typical auction employed by these organizations uses the opposite bidding theory. The sellers put out multiple bids on their contracts and services and the lowest bid wins. No matter what the auction you are interested or the item you may have to sell, participation in these events gives an adrenaline rush that is beyond description. Going once, going twice – sold!


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