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Insure and Secure Your Shipment

May 28, 2013

In 21st century America, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is becoming less and less used for mail. Email, social media, and texting have mostly taken over written communication. At the same time though, Internet commerce has been on the rise. This has a direct effect on shipping companies.

USPS shipping insuranceThe USPS has been adapting to this shift over the past few years. They have prepaid boxes that can be sent from your mailbox to someone else’s. Now, for people with trust issues, sending off a precious item to a friend, family member, or a buyer can be a difficult thing to do. What if it gets lost, damaged, or destroyed?

This is where USPS shipping insurance can be very useful. This will give you a peace of mind about what you are putting in the hands of a mail carrier. But if you are still a little uncertain, here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding shipping insurance with USPS.

What is insurance?

Well, this one is crucial. Insurance is a deal between two parties where one of the parties agrees to reimburse the other for any loss that occurs within the bounds of the deal they agreed upon.
For shipping, you pay a USPS insurance rate that corresponds with the value of the item being insured.

Is there USPS international insurance?

When distance and time of travel increase for a shipment, the possibility of an item being damaged or lost also increases. USPS international shipping insurance is a great way to be sure that if an important item does not reach its destination or is somehow defective then you can be reimbursed. If something needs to be shipped to a different country then, chances are, that item is valuable in some way or another and worthy of being insured.

Is international insurance expensive?

USPS international insurance rates may be more costly than domestic, but other than that it is affordable. Prices range from nothing to $25. This is tremendously worthwhile considering that you can be insured for losses up to $2,499. For the increased risk of shipping something valuable to a foreign country, a charge like that is inconsequential.

Shipping packages has grown with the amount of long distance communication and online commerce. You never know what can happen to something when you send it away. Protect yourself from losing money or important items by purchasing insurance for your next shipment.


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