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Keeping the IT Department Running Smoothly

May 28, 2013

Any company that uses a computer system and network knows how critical it is to ensure everything is in working order and that all information is stored appropriately. When a system goes down it can equal a massive loss in company time and money. For this reason, the IT department is a critical function within all organizations. There are times when a company will want to dedicate more of the budget or allocate additional resources to IT services in order to allow for testing and updates, even invest in a modern lab management system.

network test labsOne such investment might be network test labs. Test labs would allow for network tests to be performed in a larger space that is climate controlled and equipped with all of the necessary staff and equipment. In order to prevent outages and interruption of work, a test lab may be the best solution for the IT department and the company. It is a secure location for all of the work to happen, away from the distractions of the rest of the office area.

Within the process they will run test automation software. This type of software is in addition to any company software that might be running and tested. Test automation software in essence tests the tests. It takes the predicted outcomes and compares them to the actual results, giving the IT department an idea of performance.

To further ensure that new equipment is installed and working correctly data center testing and commissioning. It is a good way to establish the working order and a standard operating procedure to using and testing the equipment. All equipment is different, and having a representative handle installation whenever possible is a good idea. It will cost more for the consultation service, but in the end it could prevent additional charges for mistakes that could be made.

In running a smooth process, a well-run IT department should have established data center migration best practices. Everyone will run out of power and storage at some point in time. Moving information and data can be time consuming and could affect the whole company by slowing things down. Again, a loss of company time and money. It is important to have a practice that works, so that there is no reinventing of the wheel every time.


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