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Maximizing Your Online Transactions

May 30, 2013

With more and more industries driven by the Internet, e-commerce has become the largest focus in developing most successful companies. Effectively and accurately providing all options to your potential clients and customers is necessary in order to maintain a strong sales presence in your industry. Failure to deliver a high quality online purchasing experience can mean serious losses and reduced customer retention.

product configurationYour company’s online purchasing processing can fail or impress in any number of ways. The speed of service it delivers, the security your customers feel when using your website, the accuracy of the products offered, the list goes on and on. A reliable product configurator can help with some of these issues. This tool can help keep your online purchasing processes current with whatever modifications occur to your product configuration.

Having a clear and accurate listing of your products, its description and its features, and inventory options, from color to model variation, is one of the most important things you can provide your customers online. One of the top complaints of people who have had unsatisfactory online purchase experiences is that the item they receive does not match the item they ordered. While your system can give a less than ideal experience to your customers, a poorly configured online cart process can also cause problems for your side of the transaction.

A configurator can do a lot more than just keep online inventory information current. A solid salesforce configurator can help drive your cart traffic up, leading to purchase of upgrades and add-ons that can really drive your per purchase profitability. For example, a sales configurator can help make customers aware of possible optional upgrades in the case of purchasing a computer online.

Some merchants limit the options they can offer potential customers with single product selection or limited packages. This is like showing a potential customer a product and asking the yes or no question of whether they want it. If it’s not perfect, not exactly what they need, you risk the no. Even if they’re happy enough with what you’re presenting to say yes, you also miss out on suggestive sell and upgrade opportunities.

A dedicated sales force understands your product and introduces it to potential customers with the ability to showcase the many upgrade options to maximize each transaction for your company. A good online configurator can do exactly that, allowing customers to find everything they need in your product, and introducing them to options that can help your bottom line. When you’re offering services rather than products, good quoting software can serve your business in much the way.


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